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    High Quality Care to All

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    We Foster Positive Self-Esteem

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    Warm, Nurturing and Safe

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    Open Communication

  • About Us

    Cherubs Childcare Centre promotes high quality care within a welcoming atmosphere for families and children within the community.
  • What We Provide

    Cherubs Childcare Centre understands mornings can be a very busy time in most households. Therefore we try to make things a little easier by supplying
  • Policies & Procedures

    We endeavour to provide a safe and secure environment whilst respecting individual cultural values and beliefs, including additional needs.
  • Early Childhood Educators

    As Early Childhood Educators we approach children’s growth and development using a socio-cultural context.

Welcome to Cherubs Childcare Centre

We offer high quality care to all families regardless of cultural beliefs, gender, additional needs or socio-economic status.

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