My daughter has been in care at Cherubs for 3 years. During this time, she has formed strong friendships with other children and the educators, educators that have followed her journey from when she was a baby. My daughter loves going to Cherubs to enjoy playing outside in the sandpit, making crafts, learning Chinese and singing songs. The staff at Cherubs are always welcoming and have made such a wonderful environment that allows my daughter to grow and thrive every day.

Kirstin Coulston


We did not realise the importance that Cherubs would have in our family's life when we sent our first son in 2011, fast forward 5 years and another son is currently attending Cherubs. Our youngest son is 4 years old with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Cherubs understands the complexities of a child with special needs, they also understand the difficulties we face as parents in raising a unique child. Without hesitation Cherubs have collaborated with intervention services (we have Speech and OT that visit the centre weekly), they look at ways to encourage our son with an  emphasis that has never been about what our son can't do but what he can do.  The Cherubs team goes above and beyond the stereotypical roles of care providers, all the staff know our child's name, they have made us feel like we are extended family as opposed to being just another set of parents. We could not have asked for more than to have such inspiring, intelligent and loving women to help in raising our children.

The Jeanneret Family