Mother: A title just above Queen!!!!!!!

As Mother’s Day comes around the corner once again, it has made me wonder in amazement just how awesome mums really are. Simply put, mums are brilliant! And I am a mum…. so that makes me brilliant too (I just need to remind myself a little more often).

From the start your mum is your life line (literally), your protector and your provider of life to this incredible world. Without her you would not be here but that’s just the beginning. A mum is so much more than that!

They do all the obvious things like feed us, cloth us, put a roof over our heads, run the warm water for a bath, wash our clothes, put shoes on our feet and put the blanket over us when it’s cold in bed.

They love us… unconditionally and without question, every day! Even the days when their children test their patience or send them around the bend (or as we say in my family, they send me loopy).

They teach us to be kind, well-mannered and to show empathy. They believe in us so that we can be and do anything we dream of. Mums make the world around us a better place in an instant by providing cuddles, sweet kisses, hot drinks, the occasional ice cream or a long phone conversation when they are far away.

Mother: A title just above Queen

They teach us to be good people. They teach us how to talk to others and to listen properly, how to be supportive and caring and what it means to show respect.

Mum teaches you that it is ok to cry, laugh and be silly or some days all at the one time. They give us guidance on this path called life, with a little nudge here and there to keep things moving forward, so that we can become who we want to be.

So really, mums are more than brilliant. They are immortal, everlasting goddesses of human kind who give endless love, dedication and devotion to their children. There is no other being like it on Earth.

If you asked me (since I am a mum), my mum or any mum that you know, they would say that they aren’t any of the things that I have described above. They would say that they are just a mum but deep down we all know better.

We know that being a mum is the most rewarding role in the entire universe. Nothing will ever beat the moment when you first meet your child and realise that that love will never go away.

That feeling of excitement when your child walks, talks, or even sleeps through the night for the first time. That moment of pride when your child is dressed for their first day of school. The smile on your face that won’t go away because your child spent the day swimming amongst the waves at the beach and how life was perfect in that moment. How special you feel when they have hand pick your Mother’s Day gift which is a pair of slippers for the 6th year in a row.

Nothing will every compare to the feeling of being a mum.

So, on this Mother’s Day, say thank you to your mum. Send her some flowers or chocolates, make her a card, buy that 7th pair of slippers or simply call her up and share a cuppa and some cake over the phone. Either way, every mum is brilliant and deserves to be told so.