The Number 1 Kids Menu in Toowoomba Child Care!

The Number 1 Kids Menu in Toowoomba Child Care

When choosing a Toowoomba Early Education Centre for your child, looking at what is on offer on their daily menu should be one of your top priorities.

Here at Cherubs Early Learning and Kindergarten, we take great pride in the menu we offer all children, from Nursery right through to Kindergarten.

Our menu is prepared daily on site in our Toowoomba Child Care Centre by our qualified chef and it meets the daily requirements recommended by The Australian Dietary Guidelines.

We place a lot of focus on what a child in a Toowoomba Child Care Centre might like to eat, but also on what they need to eat to stay healthy, happy and active. To make sure we are promoting good nutrient food here at Cherubs Early Learning and Kindergarten, we include a balance of whole grains, cereals, lean meats, dairy products and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables in our weekly menu.

The Number 1 Kids Menu in Toowoomba Child Care!

As the top Toowoomba Child Care Centre with our very own Approved Toowoomba Kindergarten, we make our daily menus available to all our families, parents and guardians via an App. In his way all families can see what food is being provided to their children and it also offers them an opportunity to provide feedback.

One of the other reasons we are the best Toowoomba Child Care Centre is that we cater for all dietary needs of our children. We can make any necessary changes or provide separate meals for children with food intolerances or cultural preferences.

It is imperative to understand the development of growing children in Toowoomba Early Childhood Education, specifically their changing dietary needs. We aim to introduce a diverse range of nutrient rich food to our children over their developing years.

Children’s eating habits and their tastes start to form from a very young age, so we have a menu that caters for all age groups. As an example, we provide vegetable, meat and fruit purees for babies who are enrolled in our nursery program and are transitioning from breast milk or formula to more solid foods.

Cherubs Early Learning and Kindergarten always provides high quality, nutrient rich and tasty meals which is why we have the Number 1 menu in Toowoomba Child Care.